• Autumn Seminar 2013

    The London Quant Group Autumn Seminar will be held this year at Pembroke College, Oxford. The dates are Sunday 8th September through Wednesday 11thSeptember.

    I believe this is the 27th year in which this seminar has been held, although historians of the seminar might tell me I am off by one year(?). I attended the first seminar in Magdalene College, Oxford, in 1986, which was a wildly optimistic affair. Time has passed since then, and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge! Maybe we are wiser, but the main elements remain unchanged: speakers are invited because they are able to communicate well, have interesting things to say, and have a willingness to participate in, sometimes, extreme debate!

    This is always an awesome event, often in more ways than one, and details can be found at www.lqg.org.uk

    We hope you can make it!

    Edward Fishwick
    Chairman of London Quant Group