• Evening Seminar, 10th December 2012

    On Monday 10th December we had our final evening seminar of 2012. Dominic Connor gave a highly entertaining and timely presentation on “Gaming the Bonus System”, followed by a presentation on “Active Management, Portfolio Design, and Uncertainty” by Ed Fishwick and Steve Satchel. In addition, fairly large amounts of wine were consumed.  This was the eighth evening seminar of 2012. Attendance has averaged around 80 over the year and this final seminar attracted over a hundred people; a turn out bettered only by our Fundamental Indexation debate in February. In addition we held a one day seminar at the Royal Institution in London in May, and of course our annual two and a half day Investment Seminar in Oxford in September.

    Looking ahead to 2013 we intend to run a series of eight (or nine) evening seminars over the year (we’ll post details for Q1 on the website early in the New Year), and a one day seminar in London (Monday 13th May at the Royal Institution in London). The Investment Seminar will be held at Pembroke College, Oxford, from 9th to 11th September. More details will be available for both early in the new year.