• Seminar news

    So year to date (July 2012) we’ve now had 5 evening seminars in London. The latest earlier this week – Walter Distaso from Imperial College on Hi Frequency Econometrics – was pretty awesome. Other subjects have included Fundamental Indexation, Text Mining, and the quant of Sovereign Debt Risk. The level of debate has been high asever. Attendance has averaged 78.4, and wine consumption 15.7 bottles, giving a mildly disappointing result of just 0.2 bottles per person per seminar. We will be back in the fall with a further series of London evening seminars, when we will have a chance to improve upon this result.

    The focus now is on the Autumn seminar in Oxford (9th – 12th September). In various guises this seminar has now run for 26 years and is always inspiring and always fun. The full experience involves 2.5 days of seminar, 3 nights in Oxford, a punt race, and is awesome. But a few people have asked about attending part of the seminar, and attending without accomodation etc. That’s also fine – get in touch and we can work something out.  We again have a very strong set of speakers, details of which are shown elsewhere on the website.

    Ed Fishwick 12.07.12