20191210 10th December 2019 – The LQG Annual Debate – To ESG or not to ESG?

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The London Quant Group Annual Debate

Ed Fishwick – Managing Director at BlackRock will propose the motion.
Andrew Ang – Managing Director at BlackRock will oppose the motion.

10h of December 2019

Generously hosted by Goldman Sachs International
2 Stonecutter Street, London, England, EC4A 4AH

Registration is mandatory – even at Goldman space is limited.

The climax of the London Quant Group 2019 seminar series is the Annual Debate.
This year two titans of both debate and finance will address the virtues, both real and imaginary, of ESG Investing.

This is a debate – a forum in which to discuss the question.
The views expressed during the debate are not necessarily the views of the speakers personally nor of BlackRock or Goldman Sachs International!
The debate is held under the Chatham House rule!

You need to register to attend the seminar.

The interest in this event is huge.  Michail Steliaros and Goldman Sachs International have very generously arranged to host the event to allow more to attend.  The LQG is very grateful that they managed to arrange this at very short notice.  If it was not clear already you must be registered to attend.


To get the code to access the registration page you need to be on the LQG mailing list.
To help the security team please bring some official ID to the event that matches your registration details in order to be admitted to the event.
This may seem obvious but … Registrants are expected to attend – Especially since the annual debate is very, very popular.
We typically have long waiting lists so if you can’t attend then please cancel your ticket and give the opportunity to someone else.

Your registration details shall be shared with the host company and anonymised aggregate data may also be shared with other organisations supporting the London Quant Group.
Questions to : Events@LQG.org.uk
Rupert Goodwin – Chief of Staff – London Quant Group