20191008 LQG Evening Seminar – Inigo Fraser-Jenkins – Has Value met its Waterloo?

Has Value met its Waterloo?

Inigo Fraser-Jenkins

8th of October 2019 London Quant Group Eventing Seminar

Generously hosted by Goldman Sachs International at 133 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2BB,


Inigo will discuss the many reasons why value might… and might not be dead.  He will review the pros and cons of value and show that while there is no tactical case for it there could be a strategic case to keep it … with conditions.

He will review what value metrics might survive and discuss the implications for active management.   The relentless flow to passive is forecast to carry on and on … for years.  As a result public vs private markets will become a bigger deal than active vs passive.

These trends focus the need for investors to manage investments and strategies over differing time horizons – which is extremely challenging but vital for the industry and above all for clients.


Inigo Fraser-Jenkins 

Portfolio strategy team at Bernstein

Inigo Fraser-Jenkins works in the portfolio strategy team at Bernstein. Prior to joining Bernstein in 2015, he led Nomura’s Global Quantitative Strategy team. Inigo began his career at the Bank of England. He holds a BSc in Physics from Imperial College London, a MSc in History and Philosophy of Science from London School of Economics, and a MSc in Finance from Imperial College London.


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