LQG 14/12/21 – Annual Debate – 18:30 On-Line only – AI for Stock Selection

The final LQG event of 2021

The motion:

This house believes that AI is better, stronger, faster at picking stocks for investment.

Will be proposed by Ed Fishwick Managing Director at BlackRock
opposed by Desi Ivanova PhD student at the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford

This event will be On-Line only.  We had hoped to build on the success of the hybrid format of the autumn seminar and make this event hybrid with face-to-face attendees combined with on-line attendees.  However, the in-person event will not be held because of the uncertainty and risk induced by the Omicron variant of Covid so this will be On-Line only.

This is a debate – a forum in which to discuss the real and imaginary virtues and vices of AI in the context of stock selection.
The views expressed during the debate are not necessarily the views of the speakers personally nor of BlackRock, Goldman Sachs or LSEG / Refinitiv.
The debate is held under the Chatham House Rule.

The LQG is very grateful both to all our sponsors, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs International and LSEG / Refinitiv and to our outstanding debaters

The debaters

Desi Ivanova

Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford
PhD. Student

Desi Ivanova is a PhD student at the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford, working on both theory and applications of probabilistic machine learning. Her main research interest is in the intersection of information theory and deep learning, and the related fields of representation learning and approximate inference. In applied settings, she is very passionate about the proper use of statistics and advocates for rigorous evaluation of statistical and machine learning methods.

Before joining Oxford in 2020, Desi was part of the Systematic Trading Strategies (STS) R&D team at Goldman Sachs and prior to that she was a member of the Quantitative Research unit at UBS . She holds a Masters degree in MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) from the University of Warwick, from where she graduated in 2016.


Ed Fishwick

Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Risk & Quantitative Analysis

Ed Fishwick, Managing Director and Global Co-Head of Risk & Quantitative Analysis at BlackRock. In addition he is a member of the European Executive and Global Operating Committees of the firm, and is a member of the Board of BlackRock Group Ltd.

Mr. Fishwick has worked in quantitative finance for over 30 years in London, New York and Boston. Previously he was Head of Risk Management and Investment Process Research at AXA Investment Managers, and Director of Research at Quantec.

Mr. Fishwick is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Asset Management, and is the Chairman of the London Quant Group.