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The Inflation Poltergeist…it’s baaaaack! Inflation Types and Sources – Their Impact on Consumers and Prices

Seminar by Dori Levanoni

14th June 2022 – In-Person and On-Line – Hybrid! 

The LQG is very grateful to The London Stock Exchange Group – LSEG – for hosting the first in-person LQG of 2022!

In this seminar Dori Levanoni will discuss Inflation which is how the prices of goods and services in an economy change. Inflation can and does impact the prices of financial assets as well. The types and sources of inflation affect different assets’ prices differently. In this talk, we explore the types and sources of inflation and then with those insights and taxonomy, explore the various impacts on assets’ prices. That knowledge can help guide both strategic and tactical asset allocations for both return and risk improvements. Analysing inflation may seem relatively straightforward, but it is not. It requires a variety of techniques which we will present with the empirical results including the historic impact on asset prices.


Dori Levanoni

Partner and Chief Investment Strategist – First Quadrant

Dori Levanoni is a senior member of First Quadrant’s Investments team. In his more than two decades with First Quadrant, Dori has been involved in nearly every aspect of the firm’s investment process, contributing to research, risk measurement, risk allocation, portfolio optimization, trading, and portfolio management.
Dori has played an integral role as portfolio manager for a number of strategies across the firm’s global macro and global equity platforms, and has also contributed his insights to various research projects, journals, publications and speaking engagements.
Dori began his career at First Quadrant in 1991, spending a brief period in the mid-1990s researching in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at Washington University in St . Louis, before returning to the firm for the remainder of his tenure.