LQG 2023/05/09 – 18:30 – Golden rule of investing – Pim van Vliet – at BlackRock – Hybrid

Golden rule of investing

Seminar by Pim van Vliet, PhD.

9th May 2023 – In-Person and On-Line – Hybrid

The LQG is very grateful to BlackRock for hosting this seminar.

The paper on which this seminar will be based can be downloaded here

Join Pim van Vliet, PhD quantitative fund manager at Robeco, as he presents his latest research paper on the role of gold in a defensive portfolio. As one of the most polarizing assets in existence, besides Bitcoin, gold is a topic of much debate among investors. In this talk, Pim will study the safe haven hypothesis by analyzing a strategic allocation to gold, low-volatility stocks, and bonds for a loss-averse investor with a one-year evaluation horizon. This work is done jointly with Dr. Harald Lohre. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a lively discussion on this golden subject.


Pim van Vliet

Head of Conservative Equities and Chief Quant Strategist

Pim van Vliet is Head of Conservative Equities and Chief Quant Strategist at Robeco. As Head of Conservative Equities, he is responsible for a wide range of global, regional, and sustainable low-volatility strategies. He specializes in quantitative investing, asset pricing, and quantitative finance. He is the author of numerous academic research papers including publications in the Journal of Financial Economics, Management Science, and the Journal of Portfolio Management. Pim is a guest lecturer at several universities, author of an investment book and speaker at international seminars. Pim joined Robeco in 2005 and holds a PhD and a Master’s cum laude in Financial and Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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