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The LQG community is run for and by its members.
The not-for-profit LQG delivers excellent
sales free seminars on quantitative investment

The London Quant Group is a community for all interested in quantitative finance.
the LQG run as a not-for-profit to provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of practical, quantitative investment ideas.
The LQG delivers a series of hybrid in-person and on-line Evening Seminars held in London, typically on the second Tuesday of the month, together with a two day Autumn Seminar in Oxford or Cambridge.

Invitations and links to register for LQG events are sent to those on the LQG mailing list.  To add yourself use the subscribe button on the Home page or the Contact page.

Most LQG events are free due to the generosity and sponsorship of BlackRock, Snowflake and Bloomberg.

The LQG community is open to all quants and all are welcome.  

The LQG promotes free and open discussion and the exchange of ideas in the broad field of investment and quantitative management. 

LQG seminars are known for their free, open and lively discussion of content that is practical, topical and sales free.  Papers and presentations are unapologetically quantitative.

You can find out more by emailing us at events@lqg.org.uk or by attending a seminar.

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London Quant Group – LQG – community

The LQG Experience

Comments and thanks from those who have attended LQG events.

The LQG Experience: Anna Shapoval

Having joined London Quant Group in 2016 upon recommendation by one of the EMEA top Quants, I was positively surprised by the unique vibe of the LQG “family”. While learning from and engaging with the best-in-class quantitative researchers, strategists and industry leaders London and wider Europe have to offer, I felt welcomed and quickly integrated into the LQG diverse and engaging community.

Uniquely arranged presentations and discussions at LQG inspire a true industry dialogue, out-of-the-box thinking, and sharing of top-notch expertise. LQG Autumn and Spring seminars offer an unparalleled immersion into the world of beautiful minds and bright ideas.

I got a chance to participate in the LQG board meetings and my experience with LQG has been the one of its kind, unlike any other group or event. LQG has also been for me an interactive space where I expended my professional and personal network and I passionately encourage those who care about the financial industry and Quant ideas to join.

The LQG Experience: Alexander V

I really enjoyed my first LQG event. Despite it having been oversubscribed within hours, I managed to get a ticket for the talk thanks to the organisers. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of interaction from the audience, which was at least as enlightening as the talk itself, and second only to the social event following the talk.

The LQG Experience: Sherifa Issifu

Attending LQG events has helped me meet a diverse range of finance professionals. Rupert is always eager to welcome new members; I remember my first event fondly. The useful insights and the warm environment keep me coming back for more!

Sherifa Issifu – Analyst, Index Investment Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices

The LQG Experience: Karlson Lau

LQG events are always enjoyable and filled with interesting talks and debates that are current and insightful. I personally find these talks very useful in my field to arm me with ideas and talking points with colleagues and clients. The events are always well hosted and a great way to meet and network with others in the field of quants.

The LQG Experience: Chun Wang

My first year with the LQG has been absolutely delightful. The international feel is unparalleled. I heard more foreign accents in one autumn seminar than my entire 2 decades of experience with the Q group in the states. The collegiate close-knit atmosphere at every seminar is very welcoming and I have made some fascinating high-caliber friends in a short period of time. I love the witty yet pointed questions at the seminars as well as the outstanding organization of LQG!  I look forward to many more exciting talks ahead!

The LQG Experience: Tom Mann

Pim van Vliet’s presentation on gold investing was excellent. All of his observations and insights were backed up by rigorous analysis of the relevant data. It was interesting that low volatility equity investing once again made a guest appearance as a solution for many portfolio construction problems.
Not only was the presentation excellent, but the audience interaction was top notch too. There were lots of really good questions from a highly informed and educated audience.
Yet another example of a top-notch event hosted by the London Quant Group: a high-quality speaker presenting on an interesting, worthwhile topic, with a great deal of excellent audience interaction. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, and look forward to LQG’s next event!

The LQG Experience: Vahid Rostamkhani

Before discovering the London Quant Group through friends, I did not anticipate finding such a community that was both insightful and welcoming.
Coming from an academic background, the LQG has provided me with a new perspective from the practitioner’s viewpoint.
It has also reminded me of the importance of always considering real-world applications in my research.
I am grateful to Rupert for ensuring a balance between the friendly community and rigorous discussions in the seminars.

Vahid Rostamkhani – PhD Candidate in Finance at LSE


The LQG Board

Ed Fishwick

Ed Fishwick


Ed Fishwick is chairman of the London Quant Group.   Ed is also Managing Director and Global Co-Head of Risk & Quantitative Analysis at BlackRock. In addition he is a member of the European Executive and Global Operating Committees of the firm, and is a member of the Board of BlackRock Group Ltd.

Ed has worked in quantitative finance for over 30 years in London, New York and Boston. Previously he was Head of Risk Management and Investment Process Research at AXA Investment Managers, and Director of Research at Quantec.  He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Asset Management

Ely Klepfish

Ely Klepfish


Ely Klepfish is a physicist who spent the first part of his career doing research before transferring to finance in which he has worked as a quantitative analyst for over 20 years.  Now a freelance consultant his career in finance includes long periods at CommerzBank, UBS and HSBC.  His long experience and deep knowledge of maths and finance provide the foundation for probing questions which enliven many LQG events !

Rupert Goodwin

Rupert Goodwin

Director and Chief of Staff

Rupert is a director and Chief of Staff of the London Quant Group.  He has over 30 years of experience in finance having worked for Lazard Investors, Quantec, Salomon Brothers, DLJ, and managed Northfield in Europe for 11 years.

Rupert has managed LQG events since 2012 arranging presentations by over 200 speakers.  Attendance at LQG events has grown to over 1000 per annum.