Our Seminars

London Quant is about seminars in quant investment practice.

We hold approximately six Evening Seminars per year in the City of London. They are announced on the front page of this website. Our Evening Seminars are free, but you must register to attend them.

Our Spring Seminar is held every year in May in central London and is announced on the website. Spring Seminars are one-day events, with attendance fees set according to the cost of hosting the event.

Our Autumn Seminar is held every year in September in either Oxford or Cambridge and is announced on the website. Autumn Seminars are two-and-a-half-day events, with attendance fees set according to the cost of hosting the event.

  • Autumn Seminar 2016

    Autumn Seminar – September Sunday 11th – Wednesday 14th Presentations Available.  click on the presentation titles below. Event Venues Worcester College, Walton St, Oxford OX1 2HB The Malmaison Hotel, Oxford Castle, 3 New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY (for sat nav use OX1 1AY) Worcester College is located on the Junction of Beaumont Street, Walton Street

  • Reflections on the Autumn Seminar – September 2013

    The LQG Autumn Seminar was held at Pembroke College, Oxford over 2.5 days in early September and, on the basis of the feedback we received, was generally regarded as awesome. Thirteen speakers covered a variety of subjects ranging from differing views on what’s actually going on with minimum volatility and low beta investing, through new

  • Autumn Seminar 2013

    The London Quant Group Autumn Seminar will be held this year at Pembroke College, Oxford. The dates are Sunday 8th September through Wednesday 11thSeptember. I believe this is the 27th year in which this seminar has been held, although historians of the seminar might tell me I am off by one year(?). I attended the first seminar

  • Evening Seminar, 10th December 2012

    On Monday 10th December we had our final evening seminar of 2012. Dominic Connor gave a highly entertaining and timely presentation on “Gaming the Bonus System”, followed by a presentation on “Active Management, Portfolio Design, and Uncertainty” by Ed Fishwick and Steve Satchel. In addition, fairly large amounts of wine were consumed.  This was the eighth

  • Autumn in Oxford

    The Autumn seminar in Oxford was essentially totally awesome. A high number of sensational papers and presentations, the usual high level of discussion and (sometimes extreme) dissent, and an unusually small amount of tedious garbage. Times have certainly changed, and the hubris of earlier years has been blown away by time and the market, but

  • Seminar news

    So year to date (July 2012) we’ve now had 5 evening seminars in London. The latest earlier this week – Walter Distaso from Imperial College on Hi Frequency Econometrics – was pretty awesome. Other subjects have included Fundamental Indexation, Text Mining, and the quant of Sovereign Debt Risk. The level of debate has been high asever. Attendance has averaged