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20201013 - On-Line - LQG Evening Seminar - Alpha from esoteric markets - Chris Longworth - Extracting alpha from esoteric markets - navigating different and challenging markets. Asset selection and portfolio diversification
20201013 13th October 2020

Buy Phentermine Prescription

LQG SemianrsEngaging New Controversial Original Rigorous EntertainingThe Best of Strategies for the Worst of Times: Can Portfolios be Crisis Proofed? Otto Van Hemert, Head of Macro Research at Man AHL The LQG is very pleased that Otto Van Hemert, Head of Macro
20200211 - 11th February 2020

Buy Phentermine Locally

The climax of the London Quant Group 2019 seminar series is the Annual Debate. This year two titans of both debate and finance will address the virtues, both real and imaginary, of ESG Investing. Ed Fishwick - Managing Director at BlackRock will propose the motion. Andrew Ang - Managing Director at BlackRock will oppose the motion. This is a debate - a forum in which to discuss the question. The views expressed during the debate are not necessarily the views of the speakers personally nor of BlackRock or Goldman Sachs International! The debate is held under the Chatham House rule!
2 Stonecutter Street, London, England, EC4A 4AH
20191210 10th December 2019

Order Phentermine Canada